The Five Most Tourist Villages in Colombia

Most tourist villages in Colombia. Those who have traveled throughout Colombia know that each department (Colombia is divided into departments what in the USA or México is known as states) has one or more towns that are simply beautiful heritage sites that we really should know at some point in our lives, not only for the tourist that they can be, rather because each town of these is part of the history of Colombia.Pueblos más Turísticos de Colombia

At present, there are 44 municipalities that have been classified as cultural property, these are recognized as being tourist destinations that can not be missed by foreigners. Also know the bestdestinations to travel infamily.

The Five Most Tourist Villages in Colombia

If you want to know a little more about these municipalities, we invite you to visit the five most touristic villages in Colombia. You will be fascinated by the amazing beauty of these places for travelers.

Each one of the five most touristic towns of Colombia that we are going to present to you on this occasion has its own cultural charm, in all of them you can find excellent hotel options and unique tourist places.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

This beautiful municipality founded in 1541 is well known because it is where the process of Antioquia colonization begins.

santa fe de Antioquia

It is only one houraway from the city of Medellin, what you should know in Santa Fe de Antioquia are their traditional houses, parks and museums, as well as the West Bridge.

Honda (Tolima)

In this municipality you will find a mixture of eras in its streets, pre-Columbian era, republican era and colonial era, as well as its charming touch of Arabic architecture.

honda tolima

Located just three hours from Bogotá. What you should know in Honda is the Puente Navarro and Calle de las Trampas.

Villa de Leyva (Boyacá)

Due to its proximity to Bogotá this is one of the most visited municipalities in Colombia and also for its cultural and architectural treasure which is appreciated in each one of the streets.

Most Tourist Villages in Colombia

Villa de Leyvais founded in 1.572. What you should know in Villa de Leyva are its handicrafts, museums and festivals.

Barichara (Santander)

This beautiful town is what many consider to be the most beautiful town in Colombia; its meaning is “Place of Rest”. Baricharawas founded in 1702 and declared as a National Monument since 1978.

barichara santander

What you should know in Barichara are its chapels, parks, in addition to tasting the delicious culonas ants.

Girón (Santander)

It was founded in 1631 and was chosen National Monument in the year of 1959 due to the beauty of its white streets, these make tourists relive the Colombian colonial era, is located just 10 minutes from Bucaramanga.

giron santander

What you should know in Girón are its parks, museums, chapels and the Cascada Del Chorro.

In each of the most beautiful tourist towns of Colombia you will be able to find excellent hotel offers at the best prices and remember that these are just some of the most tourist villages in Colombia.

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